6 games to play with family over break

Photo Courtesy of wallpapercave.com
Photo Courtesy of wallpapercave.com

Jared Kennedy

Present Scramble
The prep needed for this game is well worth it. Mothernature.com said to play this game wrap a small gift in a small box. Then wrap that gift in a larger box, and repeat as many times as you can. “To play, choose a number and then have everyone in your family takes turns rolling the die. The first person to roll the chosen number can begin unwrapping,” the site said. Here’s the catch: players have to wear oven mitts. Remaining players keep on rolling as the other player unwraps. The next person to roll the chosen number takes the mitts and continues the unwrapping. The winner is the person who unwraps the actual present.

This game is most festive when played with Santa hats, but other hats work too. This is an observation-based game and the objective is not to be the last person left with a hat on. “At the start announce the simple objective, the only rule is that no one can take their hat off until you have,” according to theholidayspot.com. “Let another game or conversation take place, and as time goes by, people will take their attention off you, and even forget the game is happening.” Later in the day, take your hat off and watch as everyone gradually takes note and removes their hat. The person who is last, probably because they are wrapped up in ceaseless volleys of small talk with a distant relative, is the loser.

Candy Circle
For this game you need at least six separate candies such as Crunch, Hershey, and M&M’s. You will also need one die, or two for a large crowd. To start, seat everyone in a circle on the floor. Place packaged candy in the middle of the circle. Everyone in the circle leads by stating their name. The leader of the group then has the responsibility of informing everyone what candy is in the middle. The dice is rolled and if the player rolls a 6, they can take one of the candies in the middle. As the die goes around the circle players collect candy. Once all candy is collected, people can steal. To steal, players must state the other person’s first name and the name of the candy they hold. The person who rolls a 6 and matches the name of the candy gets to take the candy they want. If they forget either name, they miss their turn and the dice goes to the next person and they continue to roll.

Live Tree
For this game you will need a family member who is an incredibly good sport. For this game you get to decorate your favorite family member like a Christmas tree. Game play is simple, the human tree stands very still as they are decorated with all sorts of shiny, gaudy ornaments—the result is hilarious photos and laughs remembered for years to come.

Snow Darts
For this game you will need to bundle up for the cold. Go outside and make a large bulls-eye in the snow with food coloring. Avoid using spray paint as it will stain the ground. Indicate points for each circle of the target, like in darts or shuffleboard. Everyone makes the same amount of snowballs and throws for points.

Cane Spoon
This is a simple variation of the popular game spoons, but with candy canes. To play this game you need a deck of cards and between three and six people. For effective game play everyone needs to be able to reach the middle of the table.


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