5 gift ideas the college student on your list is sure to love


Cassie Wade

Photo courtesy of Pexels

College is a weird time where you’re stuck between carrying the responsibilities of an adult and running around all crazy having fun like a kid. This makes buying a gift for college students a bit tricky. This holiday, find the perfect fun, yet mature gift for the college student in your life by using these five ideas.

1. A print to jazz up their dorm room or first apartment

Buying bedding and small appliances for a student’s first dorm or apartment eats up a lot of their cash. Odds are pretty good they didn’t have much left over for decorating, so the holidays are the perfect time to gift them decorative housewarming items. Wall art makes any rental space feel more homey. Find an item that fits your college student’s interests and vibe by shopping around local retailers and checking out Etsy’s never-ending selection.

Top picks: Anything from Etsy or a local retailer

2. A card game for when they need a break

Every hardworking college student needs a break from their soul consuming homework every once in awhile and sometimes, binge watching their favorite shows just doesn’t cut it. Give them a gift they can use to make new friends and socialize, such as Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme. These card games are sure to be a hit at their next get-together with the inappropriately hilarious wording on the former and creative memes making up the latter.

Top picks: Cards Against Humanity ($25, Amazon) and What Do You Meme ($29.97, Amazon)

3. A professional outfit for internship/full-time job interviews

Comfy sweatpants, ripped jeans and basic t’s look cute in class but are not so cute for a job interview. Help the college student in your life get the internship or full-time job of their dreams by getting their professional look down pat with a nice outfit. Just make sure to check their sizes and find out their store preferences first.

Top picks: High quality items sure to last for years

4. A subscription box: the gift that keeps on giving

What’s better than a gift you open once? A gift that arrives in your mailbox every month that you get to keep opening. Subscription boxes are truly the gift that keeps on giving. From makeup boxes to snacks from around the world, you’re sure to find a box the college student in your life will love. Browse the internet to find the one perfect for your student.

Top picks: SnackCrate, Ipsy

5. Underwear or socks

I know; I know. Gifting new underwear or socks sounds lame, but trust me. When your college student is down to their last clean pair of either item, they’ll be glad to have a spare. After all, more pairs of socks and underwear equals less time spent doing laundry, one of the most dreadful tasks of adulthood.

Top picks: You’ve got this one on your own since you know your student’s delicates preferences best.