Milo Bail Student Center renovations greatly impress

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Kaylee Pierce

After months of renovations at the Milo Bail Student Center, it had its grand opening the first week of school. While I was hoping for a bit more of an atmosphere, the renovations are enjoyable.

It’s new look is great but could use something to make it feel less sterile. While having a lot of open space is great for when it’s really busy, it makes it feel so empty when it’s just a few stragglers. It could feature some different lighting and possibly feature art work or even student projects. Adding some fun pictures, posters or even advertisements for student activities or deals would go a long way to making It feel less sterile and more of a center for students.

All of the new features, such as the chapel, make it more of a resource for students who didn’t visit it last year. Also with the new grill and a newly renovated convenience store, this Milo Bail is fantastic. The impressive layout of the grill makes you feel you are at a restaurant doing homework.

It is easily accessible now that all the construction is gone and it is plenty spacious. The most exciting feature for me is the F’real machine in the convenience store. Also for those students who don’t own their own computers, you can now check out laptops at Milo Bail!

The new Milo Bail is going to become a huge hit with students. With all of the improvements and additions, it is easy to spend hours doing homework while snacking on great food. The student center also has shopping if students want computers, school apparel or just looking for little trinkets to keep or give. The Milo Bail Student Center has an impressive variety; students can have the best of all worlds here.

Milo Bail will have plenty of spaces for students who simply want to grab some alone time to study. It has spaces for those who want utter silence and areas for students who need a little ambiance to get their studying done.

Also for all the fellow ice cream lovers, the convenience store does have a Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bar
where you build your own ice cream. Customers will be able to make anything from a sundae to a malt now, right in the convenience store! Milo Bail now has a little bit of something for everyone and that makes it a must-see.

While there may be a bit of a sterile atmosphere, the people and the new features make up for that. This newly renovated Milo Bail Student Center is going to be worth making a trip to see it. So the next time you pass by on your way to class, take a few minutes to stop in and check it out.


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