3-D brings ‘Jackass’ to new levels of disgusting


By Rachel George – Entertainment Editor

The “Jackass” crew returns to theaters for a third time, this time bringing 3-D to its TV spin-off.

When the idea of filming in 3-D was suggested, at first Johnny Knoxville and company were worried about adding such a completely new element to the film.

“My request to Jeff was if we shoot 3-D, I don’t want to have to worry about the cameras one time during filming because we just need to be able to do what we do,” Knoxville said via conference call.

Director Jeff Tremaine insured that the differences would not be too detectable.

“The 3-D cameras were a lot bigger and bulkier, but man, once we got all the guys together it just felt like we were shooting a normal ‘Jackass’,” Tremaine said. “The process – we had to be a little more prepared. You know they took a little more prep time to get everything ready so when the guys show up, we can just shoot. But for the most part… it felt the same.”

Though slight quirks did change the filming process (the crew almost doubled in size to shoot for 3-D, with multiple people assigned to each camera), Knoxville agreed that it felt the same.

“We did not think about the cameras once,” he said.

This only benefitted the crew, as it allowed moviegoers to feel as if they were there as the stunt was happening.

“It really elevated the movie to a whole other level,” Tremaine said. “It really works in 3-D.”

Knoxville agreed that 3-D benefitted the movie.

“And it just makes a dumb idea even dumber,” he said.

Stunts like “Beehive Tetherball,” where the crew actually plays tetherball with a beehive, proves this to be true as viewers watchbees swarming and buzzing around their heads.

Tremaine and Knoxville agree on a tie between two stunts as their favorite from this movie – “Giant High Five” where they built a 5-foot tall hand and spring loaded it to hit whoever walked into the kitchen; and “Poo Cocktail Supreme” where they strapped Steve-O into a Port-A-Potty and launched it 100 feet into the air.

A favorite of mine was the simple “Rocky Splash” that recurred throughout the movie, where the prankster would sneak up from behind, splash their victim’s face with water on one side and quickly punch the other side of the person’s face.

Notorious for outrageous stunts, it’s a surprise that the “Jackass” crew has yet to suffer a severe injury.

Yet injuries do occur.

“We had a fighter jet that we had parked on the end of a runway and we were using the big thruster at the back,” Knoxville said. “We set a little mini-trampoline up and Loomis was jumping into the jet stream holding an umbrella, and that dude only weighs probably 63 pounds soaking wet – 68 with a hard-on – and he [hits] the ground pretty hard and he broke his collarbone and got his hand torn up. He had to have surgery on his hand.”

Such injuries are old hat to Knoxville and company.

“No one got too seriously hurt; I mean, mental scars,” he said.

The movie even included a few silly pranks where the risk of injury was not involved. “Really Bad Grandpa” had the entire theater cracking up when an old man asked someone nearby to take a picture of him and ‘his granddaughter’ seconds after he had been making out with her. Hilarity intensifies when the man’s wife shows up and scolds him.

Ah, the disgusting ‘I can’t believe I just laughed at that’ humor that defines “Jackass.”

“Jackass 3D” was neither a disappointment nor a surprise, seemingly another continuation of the previous movies, that left all fans with just one more question: will there be a “Jackass 4”?

Tremaine and Knoxville agree that they haven’t run out of ideas.

“We have a stockpile of ideas that we never even got to because we ran out of time,” Knoxville said. “The Three Stooges did it until they were 60 [years old]. I don’t know how long we’re going to do it because we shoot each movie like it’s our last, but we’re not going to make any predictions anymore. We just have a ball.”


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