2022 Spring Festival: An arts and crafts affair


Jared Sindt

This year’s Spring Festival featured even more seasonal handcrafted works by vendors. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

Several months ago, I covered the winter festival and the artists and crafters who were vendors for that event.

Now, the spring festival came to town from March 25-27, bringing in a new group of vendors.

Although these two festivals both brought in the work of artists and crafters together for public viewing, the time of year does have an impact on the two events.

Jennifer Huffman of Huffman productions, the organizers for the event, said that the products sold by the vendors change based on the time of year.

“I would say the main difference between the two festivals is the kind of arts and crafts we see,” Huffman said. “Around this time of year, we have lots of crafters bringing stuff for gardens and outside decorations that you wouldn’t see at the winter festival.”

There were plenty of garden ornaments on display — everything from hand crafted turtles with gems for shells, to wind chimes made for professional football teams.

Although there was a definite lack of vendors compared to the last event, the arts were still plentiful. The event featured everything from oil paintings to hand drawn memes made for purchase.

On top of the arts and crafts, many food and sauce places had their products on display as well. Food booths had everything from wine to steak seasoning, and free samples for potential customers to try.

For free parking and a small entrance fee of $9, any customer was able to return all weekend if they took a selfie with their hand stamp before it was washed off.

The spring festival will return next year, and the winter festival will return in October this year. As COVID becomes less and less of a factor, Huffman believes attendance and the number of vendors will continue to go up.