2019-2020 Student Body President and Vice President take the oath of office

Student Body President Aya Yousuf takes the oath of office in the Milo Bail Student Center. Photo Courtesy of University Communications

Megan Schneider

President Aya Yousuf and Vice President Jabin Moore were officially sworn in to serve fellow Mavericks and the UNO community on Monday, April 15. The ceremony was held at 11 a.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Omaha Room.

Yousuf said she felt both relief and excitement after the ceremony concluded. “Elevate UNO” was a popular slogan along the campaign trail.

“Elevate UNO means challenging our limits and making sure that we always see the possibilities of progress and always look forward and upward. It just means that there is always something better that we reach for,” Moore said.

The Vice President described his style of leadership in a simple, yet profound way.

“Lead by example,” Moore said.

Both individuals will continue to be aware of people watching their actions, service and leadership during their time spent serving the UNO student body.

A fundamental goal during their leadership is to further increase student engagement on campus. They want to help students become more aware and involved in various organizations, resources and events that UNO has to offer.

“We want to connect with students and make sure that everyone knows that it’s our task and vision. It’s a collective effort,” Moore said.

All students share a unique, yet unified vision as UNO Mavericks. Yousuf enjoys the welcoming community full of students who come from different backgrounds and beliefs, according to a Q&A on UNO’s website.

“It takes more than just us. We are excited to see students more involved here on campus,” stated Yousuf.

Improving transparency and engagement between student government and the whole student body is necessary for a successful future. Yousuf’s idea for promoting an open dialogue between both parties is to create her own monthly newsletter informing students on various topics they should stay up-to-date on.

“We really want to make sure that this is our goal and our mission for students to hear from us in every single step that we have taken,” said Yousuf.