10 best Netflix selections of 2019


Erik Mauro

Netflix has what seems like a never-ending selection of movies and television shows to choose from, including some of their own creations in their catalogue. But we all struggle sometimes with just finding a decent show to watch. Here are 10 suggestions for a variety of shows Netflix has to offer.

  1. F is For Family– This show is about a typical middle-class working family. Created by comedian Bill Burr, it is loosely based off his upbringing in the northeast. Burr plays Frank Murphy a war vet who is quick triggered, but genuinely cares for the people around him. If you’re looking for fun show that will make you laugh, this is it. The show has three seasons with each episode lasting roughly a half hour; it is good binge material for a day.
  2. Big Mouth– A show about preteens and teens coming of age, “Big Mouth” is relatable in so many ways. All the characters in the show are likely someone we have dealt with going through middle school and high school, whether it be a friend or an enemy. Big Mouthbrings comedic light to some of the issues and insecurities we all faced while growing up, and it’s two seasons worth of laughs.
  3. Wentworth– It’s not often that a show can kill off its two main characters and still keep you on the edge of your seat. That’s exactly what this Australian classic does. Six seasons in, the main protagonist Bea Smith was killed at the end of season four by the main antagonist Joan Ferguson, who was killed at the end of season five. Season six keeps the suspense coming, as the fallout from the disappearance of Ferguson has everybody in Wentworth Correctional Center on edge.
  4. Bojack Horseman– A bit of an unorthodox series based on premise and characters, but the humor is done just right to keep you laughing. Bojack Horseman is a former televison star from the 1990’s and is looking to get back to prominence but can’t get out of his own way. Five seasons in, he is still trying to find his way but is making his audience laugh along the way.
  5. Russian Doll– Okay fine, this is 2019, but this one season show is too good to pass up. Fans of “Orange Is The New Black” (OITNB) might recognize the lead actress, Natasha Lyonne who also has a starring role in OITNB. The lead character is turning 36 and isn’t very satisfied with her life. Her friends are throwing her a party to celebrate, but she isn’t very pleased. Later in the night, she runs out into traffic and gets hit by a car and ends up back in the same apartment for her party. What does she need to do to keep the same night from repeating?
  6. The Ted Bundy Tapes– Getting into the true crime portion of the list, the Ted Bundy Tapes reveal real conversations he had with investigators and candid interviews with detectives. While only a four-part series, the show gives new perspectives on one of the most prolific and perhaps most vile serial killers of all time. Investigators dig in and ask: Why did a young man with such a bright future ahead of him commit these crimes, but most of all, what ultimately drove him to do it?”
  7. You– Originally airing on Lifetime back in September 2018, the series was picked up by Netflix in late December. Based off the book by the same name, “You” follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a library manager in New York who meets Guinevere Beck and quickly becomes obsessed with her. The two quickly become involved, and it seems they are perfect for each other and this just might work. Something is off, though, as everybody who seems close to Beck disappears.
  8. A Series of Unfortunate Events– If you read the book series, then this show is for you. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Count Olaf in the Netflix adaptation. There was previously a film based on the first three novels, but the Netflix series covers all 13 books. As Count Olaf chases the enormous Baudelaire fortune, the misfortune of the Baudelaire orphans hits them at every turn. With nobody to help them, they must fend off Olaf themselves while uncovering some other dark secrets in the process.
  9. Glow– For fans of pro wrestling (I know you’re out there) this fictional series tells the story of women trying to make it in the wrestling business, but based off a real wrestling promotion campaign. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW, was a wrestling campaign back in the mid-80’s and early 90’s. Ruth Wilder is at odds with GLOW’s director, Sam Sylvia, due to her tendency to overact in the ring. When Ruth’s former best friend arrives, their confrontation can make or break the company. The storytelling in GLOW is told from a comedic standpoint, and will give you some laughs, but it really makes you appreciate what some people must go through to make it.
  10. Shameless– You knew this would be on here. This cult classic continues to look at a poor Chicago family struggling to make ends meet. The Gallaghers are all grown up and on their own separate paths. The show still makes its audience laugh and we still find ourselves rooting for the Gallaghers as they steal and fight their way to climb up the economic ladder.